About Us

About Tatonka Cartridge Co.

The members of our company got their start as avid shooters who spent years working behind the counter at gun stores. We always had a love and respect for shooting sports. As such, we spent years helping fellow hunters, sportsmen, and enthusiasts from behind the counter. Over time it became obvious that many of our friends & customers also shared the interest of collecting cartridges & displaying them in a peculiar way—as works of art, worthy of the mantle or an old-fashioned wood frame. From there, we gained inspiration to add a premier element to people’s collections.

We started this new business as a way for enthusiasts to show off the ammunition they “grew up with.” Our art allows us to give others a representation of popular, historic, sentimental & category specific ammunition. As many longtime shooters know, we all tend to gravitate toward a preferred caliber or ammunition type. Making display cases for them carries on the time-honored heritage of marksmanship. From grandfather, to father, to son, there is always a kind of nostalgic attachment to ammunition and the firearms that use them. We are honored to add style and class to your collection.

Hand Crafted Collections

Marksmanship is the unification of man and machine. Perfecting your form, confirming your target, and executing the “perfect shot” are all part of the excitement for this highly revered skill and hobby. Now, there is a way to display your commitment and dedication to the sport.

Define your space with cartridge displays. Tatonka Cartridge Company turns the tools of your trade into a work of art.

Film & Television

Our commitment to craftsmanship has earned us a place in films and television. Our displays have had cameo appearances in the television series Last Man Standing, “Tanks for the Memories” (Season 5, Episode 17), in the movie One for the Money, the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and the show Shooting USA on the Outdoor Channel.

Display Gallery

These beautiful pieces of art will elevate the ambiance of your office, man cave, trophy room, living room or study.

Industry-Recognized Displays

We also do custom work for companies and organizations like Hornady, Weatherby, Benelli USA, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Friends of NRA.