Collections & Displays

Refined Cartridge Displays

Every shot has a story. Show off the pride of your favorite pastime with our elegant cartridge displays. With different calibers and gauges, ammunition types, and themes available, these beautiful pieces of art will elevate the ambience of your office, man cave, trophy room, living room or study.

Add personality to your favorite rooms with display ammunition cases from Tatonka Cartridge Company.

We collect, craft, and sell artful pieces that highlight one of the most prevalent components of shooting sports—the ammunition cartridge. Based in Texas, our team assembles highly collectible ammunition and converts them to safe, stylish centerpieces for the study or man cave. Whether for yourself or for the shooting sports enthusiast in your life, these true-to-life pieces hit their mark for authenticity and artistry.

Real Ammunition

We are a manufacturer of unique, inert ammunition collections. Our display cases are finely crafted to show off the inherent artistry and ambience of pistol, shotgun, and rifle ammunition. Each of our displays uses real but not live ammunition. Products and collections are available for both retail and wholesale markets, and we ship throughout the United States.

Lifelong hunters and shooters know that the only thing that gets the job done is “the real thing.” Our cartridge collections uphold this knowledge thanks to our strict manufacturing methods. Each cartridge in our refined display cases is derived from inert ammunition. As such, they are completely safe to show off to friends and family. Made with quality ammo and framing materials, our displays are built to last.

Real Beauty

Marksmen and enthusiasts alike can identify prime pieces. Count on us to deliver a fine product. All cartridges are polished and given a hard-coat finish for lasting luster and shine. On top of that, our trademark head stamp labels give the extra special touch to detail, easily identifying each cartridge. No plastic or resin here—we stick to the original materials.

Fine ammunition deserves matching housing. The display boxes and frames for each order are crafted from solid ash with a walnut stain. This imparts a classic, “old school” appearance that emphasizes the visual appeal of each cartridge.

Authenticity is Key

Show off your cartridge display with pride. All orders are assembled and crafted in America. In addition, all components are sourced or manufactured in the United States. The only exception to this rule would be specialty cartridges or parts that have been made in Europe. For the discerning shooter, historical and regional accuracy is just as important as accuracy in the field.