New United States Military Collection with 50 BMG

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Only the highest quality materials are used in each display.

These cartridges are handsomely displayed on a black background with solid knotty alder wood frame stained in a rich walnut finish, behind glass.The distinct beauty of the knotty alder with varying sizes of knots, cracks, & grain texture guarantee each display has its own unique character & beauty. Being a durable & sustainable source of lumber coupled with its beauty makes this a prized choice to complement & showcase your cartridge collection.

Cartridges are polished and have a clear coat finish to help keep a long lasting luster and are uniquely displayed with head stamp like labels.

11 ¼” Tall x 17 ½” Wide


New United States Military Collection with 50 BMG

Product Description

This collection contains 130+ years of cartridges by our United States Armed Forces, including handgun, rifle, shotgun shell, and machine gun calibers. The Springfield Trapdoor and Spencer repeater cartridges were tested by President Abraham Lincoln himself. Spanning the years we find Roosevelt’s 30-40 Krag. World War I and World War II’s 30 Govt., 45 ACP, and the feared 12-gauge trench gun of World War I, which was very unpopular with the Germans. John Browning’s 50 BMG chambered in the MaDuece to modern sniper rifles. This is a small tribute to the men and women of our military that lived and died protecting our freedoms and the freedoms of others. God Bless Our Troops and the United States of America.

Made in the U.S.A.

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 5 in

9 MM PARABELLUM, 44 COLT, 41 LONG COLT, 38 S&W SPECIAL, 38 S&W, 5.6 X 35R, 5.56 X 45, 30 CARBINE, 38 LONG COLT, 45 ACP, 45 SCHOFIELD, 45 COLT, 30 US GOVT, 30-03 ARMY, 30-40 KRAG, 7.62 X 51 NATO, 6 MM LEE NAVY, 56-50 SPENCER, 50-70 GOVT, 45-70 GOVT, 12 GA, M-2 50 BMG


All cartridges are inert to insure the safety of our customers. While we use real ammunition this is not live ammunition. No powder or live primers are ever used. Due to the nature of the shooting industry changes and substitutions can be made to display without notice.

New United States Military Collection with 50 BMG

3 reviews for New United States Military Collection with 50 BMG

  1. James

    I received this display as a Christmas gift and man am I happy happy. Excellent craftsmanship, high quality that looks amazing in my den. I plan to get some other Tatonka cartridge collections soon.

  2. Meridith

    My husband loved his wedding gift! With him being in the Calvary this display was the perfect choice!! Thank you for all you help answering questions and in making a choice!!

  3. Alice K

    Thank you for delivering a GREAT product after helping me figure out which one to buy. It also made it here on time for my husbands birthday! What a great surprise! He loves it!!

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